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December 7, 2018
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Search engine optimization is not a static thing, it keeps on changing with the new updates and researches. It keeps on improving with time and demands to meet the needs of the internet. Anybody can easily get trapped in the riddles of SEO. Most of the times people get diverted towards the myths that are created by the people around. It is the high time, we should stop and think about the facts. You can avoid the misconceptions easily by contacting a reputed seo agency in Delhi NCR.

  1. Higher bounce rates can modify the page ranking. This myth revolves around two things-
  • If your site has good information, exactly as required by the users.
  • If the readers are not satisfied with the results.

The high bounce rates don’t affect the ranking directly. It shows the insufficiencies present on the website. It is better to check the bounce rate. Whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on the terms of Google Analytics.

  1. Seo and Social media have no association at all. When you post something on the Facebook page or on any other social platform it brings more page views and audience. It gradually affects and leads to make publicity of the website. Google can see the good communication on the page and so is the case with the search results.
  2. Link building is dead. It is more active and fruitful than before. It brings great benefits because it can attract huge traffic and draw attention to your site. The more is the rate of traffic on your website, the higher is the Google rank in the search engine results.
  3. All the pages should not have the same keywords. This is not the case. This myth was in highlight because of Yoast, it is an SEO plug-in in WordPress. Which highlights the same focused keywords in your other posts. It was a bad thing which made people think that their website should focus on various keywords. As Google not only assesses the site on the keywords. They are essential factors which help in increasing the website ranking.
  4. You need the best SEO company in Delhi who can bring the number one rank. If a Seo agency is taking the guarantee to increase your ranking and bring the site to the top then they are fooling you. Even Google can’t guarantee it. Finding a good company is a big task who can assist you and make conventional and steady efforts. The guidelines can help you in keeping the website popular on Google, but the first and best part has to be played by your company. It should be able to deliver services as per the needs of the customers.
  5. Linking out helps your rank on SEO. This myth was widespread a few days back. But now it is no more truth. You can easily find people who are adding several links to their posts to increase the SEO results.

In the end, we would suggest to keep on updating and maintaining the website under the guidance of the best seo companies in India. It will make you trace the number of traffic obtained and missed from Google. With time and experience, you will learn how to build things that work and what to keep aside.

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