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April 2, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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Technology is making its presence felt like never before. Every business has an online reputation to maintain. And one of the ways of creating a great impression on the target audience is by way of blogging.

The process of publishing and updating posts to an online blog is called blogging. Big players, irrespective of industry, are searching for ways to generate leads and turn them into customers. A brand takes to blogging with the objective of consumer education. Firstly, it makes prospects aware of the existence of your business, next it enables them to understand your industry and products in depth, and lastly it equips them with enough information to make a smart buying decision. Let’s get to the immense benefits brands can derive from blogging.

  • It drives traffic to your website-

Content rules. A blog with the last post published a year ago is of no value to a brand. It is static. Whereas a blog that regularly publishes relevant posts creates new pages of fresh content that the online spiders index. These spiders are ever on the lookout for new pieces of good content. They crawl your blog posts to get you a higher Google ranking. As your blog is a page of your website, it indirectly drives traffic to your website. Search Modifiers can help solve your content woes.

  • It helps convert traffic into leads-

Posts that focus on your products hold the ability to convert leads into sales. When your product features, benefits, USP are nicely explained in detail, it is more appealing to readers than just stating it in a bullet list. It is more of soft selling. You can also place a call-to-action on your blog post. A link that leads to your product page will induce him/her to click on it and view your offering in detail.

  • It helps establish authority-

If prospects find answers to their questions through your posts, it establishes your credibility. They’re much more likely to come into the sales process trusting what you have to say because you’ve helped them in the past — even before they were interested in purchasing anything from you. Blogging about industry-specific topics shows that you know what is going on in the industry, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • It enhances your social media reputation-

Social media is a tough maze to navigate. Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, etc may leave a brand in a dilemma as to which apps should be targeted. This requires an understanding of the most preferred app for the target audience and the reason it gets onto such apps. Social media is a very thin line between what is too much and too less. Your blogs can usually be shared on your social media pages, thus reducing your workload of creating new social shareable content. Social media buttons help you gauge the pulse of your followers. Search Modifiers are experts at Social Media Marketing (SMM).

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