Impact of digitization on your Business

Importance of Online Reputation Management
December 21, 2017
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A new strategic change has been noticed in marketing activities of businesses since the introduction of digitization. Product selling or purchasing is no longer done only at supermarkets, limited to a particular geographical region. Digitization has encouraged brands to evolve from the shells and market themselves globally. But then there are two sides of every story and in the case of business, while one side is great business, the other one is criticism. Online Reputation Management or ORM is the digital technique to counter the consequences.

In the present time, ORM is gearing up as a strategic element to reduce reputational risks from being a post-crisis solution and also a strategy to build your positive brand image. It is so because users and general audience own the authority to affect a brand’s reputation and not because Google loves negative content. The dominant factor of negative content influences Google’s algorithms.

Negative content is a dominant factor because of human interest that dictates – like-for-like. Therefore, a negative piece related to a brand tends to receive more traffic, likes, tweets and similar social signs than its positive counterpart. That is why it is considered a dominating factor on which Google’s algorithm determine ranking.

Instead of enforcing strategies to achieve desired ORM goals, brands choose Online Reputation Management companies instead. Reason behind this is that there are multiple techniques which can be implemented, not only to work on negative content but also for showing the positive side of the brand. Home-grown tools by online reputation management organizations, on the other hand, facilitate in managing the reputation online and building a “Name” into a “Brand”.

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