Importance of Reviews in Decision Making.

Importance of Online Reputation Management
December 21, 2017
Role of ORM in Business Transformation
March 20, 2018
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What should a business do to increase its sales and revenues? How can it get more and more people to buy from it? How can it brand itself such that its name becomes synonymous with trust?
In this era of growing competition and distrust, it is very difficult for a business to get their target market to place its trust in them. To counter this issue, there is a need to adopt an Online Reputation Management strategy to positively impact the decision-making process of consumers.

A prospect will doubtless visit your website and have a look at what you are offering, but how is he to know whether you are indeed as genuine as you claim to be? Before making a buying decision, he will definitely read through both the positive and negative feedback you’ve got. So it makes sense to get the satisfied customers to leave their remarks about the positive experiences they had with your brand. A feedback is an impactful perception management tool for any brand. Through the ratings and reviews, the target audience creates its own perception of your brand in their minds.

What role do reviews play in decision making?
Reviews are likely to create a positive image of your brand and influence your website visitors to buy from you. Reviews play an irreplaceable role in a business by largely influencing decision making.

● Builds trust-

Reviews are proof that your business is really authentic and people are using your products and services. It also builds trust in your business as they are written by customers who are satisfied enough to recommend you to others.

● Faster decision making-

After reading reviews, prospective consumers can understand whether what you’re offering is relevant to their needs. Reviews motivate them to take that one step which prods them to buy from you. Consumers save their time because they don’t have to first order and then find out if the product is suited to their needs.

● Provides consumer insight-

When consumers describe the experiences they had right from how they found you online to their satisfaction with their ordered item, businesses are likely to come across various pain points of their customers and can work towards eliminating them. Consumer reviews also help to understand the expectations of the target audience.

● Higher search engine rankings-

As more and more reviews get added, new content crawls in and search engines will index the content to give your website a higher ranking in the search results.

● Higher Google ratings-

Delighted customers are more likely to give your brand a 5-star rating on Google reviews. As Google displays the average rating of all consumers, increased number of 5-star ratings will cause Google to display a 5-star rating beside your brand name.

Trust in a brand is strengthened by consumer reviews and recommendations. An Online Reputation Management strategy is necessary to win consumers. Moreover, a brand will have a positive impact in the long run.

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