Optimizing Search- Using BERT Update and Knowing Its Impact on SEO
January 1, 2020
Need for Online Reputation Management in a Business
January 20, 2020

SEO is the approach of magnifying incoming data traffic to the webpages in terms of absolute quantity as well as quality. This is done by enhancing the visibility of the webpage to the user during a web search. It is a very dynamic process and has been encountering disruptive algorithm. These developments in the algorithm are intended at optimizing for search results and increasing its relevance.

With more than half of traffic belonging to mobile-friendly sites, SEO has gradually engrossed itself into the domain of webpage modification and content optimization. Some of the best SEO agency in India is already paying special attention to upcoming trends and challenges for SEO in the year ahead. Some of these trends can be summed up as follows:

  1. The increasing importance of E.A.T- Parameters of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is utilized in evaluating websites for the production of optimized results. Websites to remain in the visible domain must essentially fulfill the EAT precondition.
  2. The dominating content- With last year’s Google BERT update, content quality is becoming a crucial precondition for driving the traffic. Use of tabulated data, graph charts, video content would gradually make their way in the content domain to enrich the user experience. This would also mean increased tasks for SEO in developing quality content relevant to the user.
  3. The BERT update- With this use of long-tail keywords, Stop words, quality content would regain their significance. The best SEO services in Delhi and abroad are already redoubling their efforts, to cope up with changes tweaked in the algorithm.
  4. Enhancing user experience and technical aspects- This can be considered as the most important trend that smart experts should aim in the future. User Experience implies here for holistic experience encountered from the time of landing at the page to exit. Technically, SEO is a keystone in improving user experience.
  5. Mobiles and audio-visual search- With the grown penetration of mobiles and half of the traffic coming from cell phones, SEO for mobile has gained supremacy. Increased recourse to voice and image search has opened up a new domain for the best SEO Company in India and worldwide. As the Government of India embarks on Digital India, its services in India are preparing to optimize content for mobiles.
  6. Use of AI and enhanced machine learning- Use of AI and machine learning through the neural network has revolutionized the optimization process. It has made the process more effective and beneficial in generating more traffic. With this, increased recourse to enhancing keyword density would gain a beating substitute by quality content generation.
  7. Increased consolidation of search engine results pages (SERP) – SERP has seen drastic improvements when compared to pages a few years before. Improved percentage of ad share, the addition of people also ask, people also like tabs, snippets boxes are some of the examples of SERP consolidation over the years. This alliance of SERP and an expanding amount of zero-click searches would make this process complex.

These trends and challenges are to remain evergreen as the SEO process is dynamic. However, it provides a unique opportunity for the best SEO agency in Delhi and worldwide to strengthen their efforts in producing quality content and maintain their relevance.

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