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Over the last few years, search engine technology witnessed progressive innovations and voice search is one of the most advanced techniques evolved by the search engines. As per the research, by 2020 it is expected that 50% of the inquiries would be performed by voice assistance.

Companies like Google have adopted new technologies such as voice search to improve search results through artificial intelligence assistants -Google Assistant to help users with questions and inquiries.

How voice search works
It works in a simple way by allowing the users to ask the questions instead of typing in a clear voice. Voice Search is growing smarter and sharper with every communication. Today, the market is already flooding with high-end voice search gadgets and software. Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Crotona and many more digital assistants are hitting with more enhanced features to satisfy the users.

The impact of voice search
In the field of education, voice search can be advantageous for students to search for content by voice search. A textual content question generally consists of two-three phrases, but a spoken query regularly exceeds that word restricts, which makes the speech recognition technology sharper, and user-friendly with every passing minute.

It seems that Google is not completely dependent on the queries made by keywords. Instead, it may take into consideration the inferable elements of the question, the recorded factors provided to it. If someone possibly searches for the best vegetarian food restaurants, Google personalizes the hunt results by contemplating the person’s place and uses its device.

The best SEO company in Delhi NCR suggests local businesses to introduce voice search as an essential component. The reason for this is that the digital assistants rarely present two answers, but competition brings pressure on local businesses which grows cutthroat for enterprises.

The online SEO Industry has been affected to a great extent with voice search. Voice and Image-based searches by 2020, will make up at least 50% of searches. Compound queries and question revisions will be increased due to move towards natural language.

Tips to improve your voice search SEO
With newer equipment like Google Home and Amazon Echo taking up the marketplace, it becomes vital for the entrepreneurs to upgrade their online content material thinking about how their provider will be located on voice search.

Voice search queries are more conversational in comparison to written queries. This fact should be reflected in your tone while you are making plans to improve your rankings. So, it is worth bearing in mind when you are drafting the content with the following tips by hiring the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR:

  • Answer the specific questions.
  • Reply to the queries precisely.
  • Most importantly, write engaging and influencing content with optimized meta descriptions and strong link building.
  • Put accurate information regarding your address, contact details and working hours. Additionally, optimize the local searches with user reviews.
  • Look after your site’s speed- Most of the time voice search is done through the mobile so the website should be mobile-friendly. If the user founds it slow, unimpressive it will harm your rankings.

As we are already approaching 2020, denying the importance and strength of the voice search is unaffordable. If you are not optimizing the site content with the smart tactics and as per the user requirements, then you would be missing a lot of traffic in the coming times. To avoid these situations we advise you to hire the best SEO agency in Delhi today itself.

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