Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule In 2019

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December 29, 2018
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February 5, 2019
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The enchanting world of digital marketing keeps on changing. It has evolved into a trending world of possibilities. With the arrival of 2019, a lot of things are going to transform into this segment. Here we bring you a list of five major digital marketing trends that are expected to affect the picture of this field on a big scale.

  1. Live videos – We should be thankful for the buzz of smartphones. It has changed the entire scenario of marketing. It is must haves for the entrepreneurs looking for great results. The growing practice of going live on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has increased the audience. It has evolved as a convenient, interesting and cheaper method than the usual emails, newsletters, posts etc.
  2. IGTV- Instagram has seen a gradual growth in the last two years. People are diverging towards Instagram remarkably. With the recent updates of a voice message, video calling, sharing giphy and the latest IGTV feature is making everyone mad over it. It allows users to create story videos in a vertical format. The duration can be extended up to 1 hour. It is quite different from YouTube. It has set a new trend of sharing your experiences with the world.
  3. The Kingship of content- Content is the lifeline of the digital marketing industry. It can’t be faded, refused or denied. Without content, you can’t take even a single step in this field. The tutorials, SOS, how-tos, DIYs etc. are never going to be antiquated. It only demands excellence and association with the said business. So that people feel connected. SEO is working effectively in supporting the digital marketing.
  4. The Augmented reality (AR)- This technological progression has already captured a huge market in the digital world. It is a bridge between a virtual and digital world that is building a new entity in the digital environment where people can relate, process things in new and beneficial ways. This style of technology is demanding a big transformation for the businesses in 2019. It will help in organizing fruitful campaigns to deliver practical and user-friendly happenings in the coming future.
  5. Voice marketing- In the year 2018 the research has come out that more than 50 percent people preferred voice search. We all are familiar with the products like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. They are common in every household, offices and going to capture the market in the coming year. The digital marketing realm can easily grasp the benefits of this headway since voice searches have fabulous potential.

These trends are going to help the digital marketing to connect, reach and communicate with the public. More than this they have become an easy source of attaining real and organic relationships with the customers. We are expecting more updates to arrive in 2019.

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