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February 17, 2020
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In 2020 more than 90% of buyers say that positive reviews influence them and inspire them to use a business. In research about the online reviews, we get to know that 82% of customers prefer reading online reviews before making the final decision. So, without a doubt, for a better business flow and positive reputation of your brand online reviews play an essential role. The omnipresence of the internet has taken digital marketing by the storm. Subsequent researches in innovative marketing techniques have led to the evolution of online reputation management (ORM).

The traditional concept of ‘word of mouth’ has been transformed into the orm business with the migration of the customers to the online portals for shopping and brand reviews. Henceforth, optimizing these reviews proves beneficial for the healthy growth of any business. Here we bring you the most useful methods recommended by the best ORM company in Delhi to enhance your online presence:

1. Maintain a contact portfolio: Keeping the records of the customers like email-id and contact numbers can prove to be a welcome step in retaining a permanent touch with your clients. It can be collected during the billing or through the visitor’s book.

2.    Encouraging customers to provide on-spot reviews: Customers can be encouraged to share their reviews on the spot through banners, codes, display cards, brochures, billing receipts, etc. It gives a healthy impression on the minds of future consumers who are willing to engage with the business. Additionally, you can set a separate section in the store to guide the customers to leave their feedbacks over the website.

3.    Appreciate your clients’ feedbacks: Asking the customers to leave an honest review with a polite smile can do wonders. The best online reputation management companies in Delhi perceives that let your customers know how much worth their single review holds for the improvement of your business.

4. Utilize the power of social media: Nearly 90% of the active internet users are on social media according to Bloomberg research. This translates into a massive market and potential for enterprises to promote their venture. Customers can be asked to share their specific choices, complaints, experiences with your brand, and ideas at the digital platforms.

5.    Respond to all the reviews: Reply to all the queries and simple texts with personalized and unique lines. Do not ignore replying to the negative reviews. These reviews make your brand look reliable and authentic. It is equally important to look into the concerns put forward through negative reviews. Working on them can be beneficial for any business, in the long run, like accept the mistake, put your opinion courteously, bring precise solutions for your troubled customers, write apologies personally, etc.

Online reviews act as social evidence that turns a simple lead to your brand’s reputation. It is one of the present-day prerequisites in the cut-throat competition. Influencing the digital impression of any brand is no way a simple task. Better than be late, consult the best ORM company in India and be ready to explore better returns. It is the time to give an online word of mouth its actual place and attention.

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